Constantly updated on the topics of innovation, Armundia Factory always offers cutting-edge technology and this thanks to a team of young talented experts in the development of new solutions.

AM & Assistance

Help desk at international level with two support groups that have specific skills in insurance and banking areas.


A specialized team is available to guarantee the strategic functioning  for the management of financial and insurance projects.


Taking charge of typical outsourcing activities such as data entry, uploading of documentation and practical insertion. One of the advantages is responding to the requirements  more and more often  to reduce costs and time, to ease internal resources and thus favoring the development of the company’s core business.

System integration

With an experience of implementation and integration of complex systems, developed in the insurance, finance and corporate world, Armundia Factory always guarantees  to the customer the optimization of processes, creating a direct dialogue  listening to their needs, proposing  new softwares , personalizing  and integrating them with any type of existing platform.

Academy approach

It collaborates with prestigious universities in didactic and academic terms, proposing itself as a partner for the start of internships that select talented junior profiles , giving in this way  young students and new graduates the opportunity to gain  experience during the training path.


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Armundia Factory is an ICT service company focused on digital and technological innovation of companies and institutions belonging to any sector.